23 years of legal risk control company ,Looking forward to expanding Asia(China) service with 80% equity transfer

  • Available date 2021-11-15
  • Update date 2021-11-15
  • Case number 8767

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Financial info

Depreciation and amortization 25mn~40mn
Total assets 40mn~60mn
Interest-bearing liabilities 25mn~40mn
Net assets 25mn~40mn
Number of employees Less than 50 people

Content of business

Over the past 23 years, we have served nearly 300 international (especially Japanese ) customers in 20 industries.
The main business includes:
🍁Comprehensive services for Brand's intellectual property rights (Confirmation,Use and protection of rights).
🍁Manage and solve various risks inside and outside the Brand
( Government public relations,Job occupation,Disclosure of trade secrets , Quality crisis,
🍁Research on Brand's market competition in China,

Strengths and differentiation

🍁It has 23 years of experience in serving international enterprises in operational risk control.

🍁It has customer resources of nearly 300 international large and medium-sized enterprises(especially Japanese ).

🍁It has 23 years of good cooperative relations and contacts with national and provincial governments and law enforcement departments (Pablic Security Bureau,Intellectual property management department ,Market supervision and management department,Court) in China.

Reason for transferring

🍁23 years of legal risk control company , Looking forward to expanding Asia(China,Japan,Hongkong,Taiwan Southeast Asia ) with 80% equity transfer.

Way of transferring

100% shares 51%~99% shares

Additional Description

🍁Our integrated business is very good now! The transfer of equity financing is not difficult to operate, but expects large-scale
financing to expand the team and market share, So as to make us develop better and better.