Solar panel platform for investor and EPC manufacturer

  • Available date 2020-11-12
  • Update date 2020-11-12
  • Case number 225

Professional and Financial Services

  • Revenue


  • Operating profit


  • Location

    Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung

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  • Negotiator requested to be

    Corporation、Individual、Overseas investor、Agent

  • Case hightlight

    Skill Potential profit Brand and goodwill Intellectual Property Low risk

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Financial info

Depreciation and amortization 0~1mn
Total assets 0~1mn
Interest-bearing liabilities 0~1mn
Net assets 0~1mn
Number of employees Less than 5 people

Content of business

【Content only available in Chinese version for now】


Strengths and differentiation

【Content only available in Chinese version for now】

1. 獨家太陽光電版租賃收益商業模式:台灣新發明專利(20年保障)。
2. 再生能源+Fintech金融科技+包租代管商業模式,整合再生能源+理財投資+動產管理三大領域。
3. 台灣政府大力推動綠能攻策,立法院三讀通過再生能源法,FIT保障發電收益20年。

Reason for transferring

【Content only available in Chinese version for now】

1. 公司在台灣南部,相關GreenEnergy創新科技人力團隊不足。
2. 南部缺少再生能源專業Marketing行銷人才,推廣較為不易。
3. 希望結合有意投資之資金及北部優質Finthech人才,進行經營創新。

Way of transferring

Sales of business 100% shares Less than 50% shares or Others