Privacy Policy

崇格有限公司 (hereinafter “Strength”) respects the personal data and privacy of our users and is committed to offering an environment and services safe for users. These privacy policies (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) set out as below describe how Strength collects, processes, uses and protects your personal data. We encourage you read them carefully. By using the services provided by our Website, you are deemed to agree to the statement below.

1.  Scope of Applicability

(1.) The Privacy Policy describes how Strength collects, processes, and uses the personal data that you provide when you use the Strength's Website and services.

(2.) The Privacy Policy shall apply in the situation when any of Strength's contracted third parties or affiliates conducts business for us and when collection, processing, or use of personal data is involved.

(3.) Except the aforementioned situation described in the previous article, the Privacy Policy shall neither apply to any organization other than Strength, nor to any person not employed or supervised by Strength. Examples of non-applicability for this Privacy Policy are:

    (a.) Other websites that are connected to the Strength Website. Such linked sites have their own privacy policies and are not applicable to the Privacy Policy. Please review them additionally.

    (b.) The personal data you voluntarily publish in the comment section under Strength platforms or services or you proactively disclose to any of the third parties, e.g. the public comments and responses in Strength's Facebook Page or Google review

2.  Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

(1.) User's information refers to the information related to an individual or a company. Users may need to provide the following information to be able to use Strength services:

    (a.) User's personal information and contact details, including name, age, occupation, phone number, email, etc.

    (b.) User's identity and company details such as company name.

    (c.) User's information required to complete the case listing form.

(2.) Strength collects these information for the purposes of:

    (a.) To provide services of identity verification, target business matching and other related services for users.

    (b.) To send email messages under users' consent and within the extent permitted by laws.

    (c.) Necessary use, with your prior consent, that arises from other matters and are for purposes of providing associated services. E.g. Conducting negotiation and discussion with financial consultants, lawyers, accountants or other third parties for the services required by you. 

3.  Protection of Users' Personal Data

(1.) Strength adopts strict measures to protect users' personal data. Strength's staff are given comprehensive training regarding to the protection of personal information. Punitive actions will be taken against those who violate confidentiality requirements according to Strength's internal regulations and laws. Unless we acquire your consent in advance, we never disclose your personal data to any third person, process or use them in the region outside our operation, or use for other purposes other than collection. If we need to commission any affiliates or third parties (such as financial consultants, lawyers or accountants) for providing necessary services, we shall conduct necessary monitoring so as to ensure the safety of your personal data.

(2.) Users' self-protection: Please safeguard your personal information properly. When you are using and filling out Strength's online forms, make sure you close the window when you leave your computer or terminate this action to prevent others from accessing your personal information. You shall bear the risks and responsibility of information leaking if you provide such information to others yourselves.

4.  Information Sharing with Other Party

The personal information you provide is mainly for the processing and use by Strength. Strength shall not sell, trade or in other way to disclose your personal data to any other party unless we have explicitly raised a request and acquired your consent. However, we will share your personal information when it is required by laws or one of the following situations occurs:

(1.) Judiciary or other authorities raises such request in accordance with laws and through legal procedures.

(2.) The sharing is needed to prevent from jeopardizing other people's rights.

(3.) The sharing is needed to keep you away from danger to your life, body, freedom or properties.

4. It is necessary for Strength so as to provide other services and the sharing will be done after Strength has notified you and acquired your consent. For example, when Strength needs to negotiate and discuss with financial consultants, lawyers, and accountants for the services required by you.

5.  Use of Cookies and Google Analytics

Strength Website uses cookies to collect information for the use of Google Analytics. This information includes your device, your domain, web pages you visit and the time you spend on them, etc. This enables us to provide customized content and optimize your online experiences, and helps us obtain website traffic information and browsing statistics. Such data is only used for analytical purposes and for improving our services, website content, system and advertisement. The information about your personal identity is not involved. You can adjust your preferences about cookies in your browser setting. However, some functions on the Website may not be properly executed if you choose to reject all cookies.

6.  Users' Rights

(1.) You can request to exercise the following rights regarding your personal information in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act:

    (a.) Request to inquire or view

    (b.) Request an electronic copy

    (c.) Request to stop using or delete

(2.) In order to keep your data correct and up-to-date, please contact us when your information has been changed.

(3.) Please contact us via phone or leave us a message in Contact Us to exercise the above-mentioned rights.

7.  Amendments

(1.) Strength will make amendments to the Privacy Policy from time to time in response to the changes occurring to social and market environment, technologies and regulations and shall reserve the rights of changing and withdrawing the Policy. Amended articles shall be published to the Website and no additional notices will be sent. You can review the amended articles and related notices on the Website anytime. The latest update to the Policy was on May 25, 2020 and became effective on the day when announced.

(2.) By continuing to access our Website and using our services after amendments made to the Privacy Policy, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the amendments or changes to the Policy.

Please contact us via phone or leave us a message in Contact Us should you have any questions about the Policy.